During the time staying in Bhutan, my mind was peaceful and full of happiness. We enjoyed our journey with Marvellous Bhutan Travel in this summer, 2018.

This is my second time travel to Bhutan, but first time to across east to west, and first time to be with Marvellous team. Our guide, Chokyi and Phuntsho, were always warm and friendly. They drove two days previous, from west to east, to recieve us at Guwahati airport, which is in India, near the boarder of eastern Bhutan. Due to the weather, our flight to Guwahati was delayed almost 5 hours. They were worried when we did not appear at the appointed time. Finally, when we connected with each other, they didn’t feel any impatient, just told us to take our time, they would wait until we arrived. That time, we were sorry but really touched.

During twelve days travel, the itinerary was well-planned. We were only two people. Chokyi and Phuntsho hosted us along the trip as if we were VIP. Phuntsho is a very nice guide. He knows the history of every places very well. His explanation was simple for us to understand, just as telling a story.

To travel with Marvellous team felt us relax and comfortable, just like being with friends. We enjoyed every present moment in this blessed land. Wherever across the farming land or climb up to majestic mountain, we all enjoyed the beauty in summer season of Bhutan. All things looked green and vibrant, as if every inch of land was filled with plants.

We represent our thankful to Marvellous Bhutan Travel, especially to Chokyi and Phuntsho, for your hospitality, and give all our best blessings to you.

See you in the future. — with Phuntsho Wangdi and 2 others.