Marvellous Travel – The name speaks for itself. It was indeed a marvellous Yoga
Retreat in Bhutan. We were there in July 2018. The weather did not fail us
throughout that entire week until our last night it rained. We were lucky.
Marvellous Travel – Chokyi, Phuntsho and Sangey hosted us for a week. The
itinerary was well-planned by them. Great thanks to them for taking care of us
during our time there.

We enjoyed the wonderful Bhutanese songs while travelling on the bus. Our
main guide Phuntsho is well-versed on the history of the places that he does
his explanation as if he was telling a story. We rested well on the bus as we
were in good hands of our bus driver – Sangey. Chokyi was always praying for
the rain to stay away from us. Marvellous Travel!

And since it was a yoga retreat, they participated in one of our classes. It was
spontaneous for them as first timers. Kudos~~

Apart from Marvellous Travel, Bhutan has sublime scenery that takes our mind
to be there at that present moment, nothing else. We were surrounded by
majestic mountains wherever we went. We don’t have to look out for it, it is
just there. Thumbs-up!

It is highly recommended to travel with Marvellous Travel in Bhutan. Go with
an open heart and receive their warm hospitality. They are there to offer any
help you need there. Namaste…