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Nyechen Dongkola

Nyechen Dongkola is located some 16 kilometers away up from Dheyangkha in shaba under Paro Dzongkhay. The history seven century’ it is said that Tertone Tshering Dorji I established the temple in accordance with a prophesy command seven his root techer Lam Drungdruna Rinpoche chedhor. Story relates to lam Drungdruna always see a Fier for several night on the hill where the temple was later built. Thus, Terton Tshering Dorji was asked him to go check for the fire. At the location. Tertoen Tshering Dorji observed a small lake. In the vicinity, he also saw the tutelay deity yidham Thongwa Dhoendhen a sacred statue a Buddha sitting under three thorny trees. The statue was said to be a theasure discovered by Tertoen Pema Lingpa from Tang Marbartsho the Burng lake in Bumthang. It’s said it haven flown from Bumthang to Dongkola. moreover, the statue was seen being protected by nagini lu Thrinley om. After all these observations were described to Lam Drungdrung Tertoen Tshering Dorji was instructed that he establish a temple which now stands as Nyechen Dongkola. The nagine – Thrinley om is considered as the mermaid the lake observed at the hill, and currently lies behind the temple. It is believed that the head the mermaid lies at Dongkola, where as its tail lies somewhere near a cliff in the vicinity Tagchoy Gpenpa. The sacred nature the lake and the temples primary deity can be understood as revealed in the supplication Nagini Thrinlry om Among many, it is revealed in the supplion, that Nagint Thrinly om -the daughter king neylay Thoekar is thereby instructed and made the protector the temple. Oral tales narrate that females who do not bear girls, and those who do not have girl children go to seek the blessing Dongkola Protector Thrinley om. It was believed that when a man was trying to steal a bronze bowl, his hand got stuck on it and he couldn’t take it off he hand no choice but to cut his hand off and run away. His hand, covered with a black color glove made from hide is still hanging in Gongkhong.

October 16, 2020

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